Saturday, August 24, 2013

State Poison "Self Titled 12 Inch" Review

State Poison “Self-Titled” 12inch

  French hardcore punk band, State Poison whose no bullshit approach to old school hardcore is made apparent on their self-titled 12 inch. Taking influence from Japanese and Swedish hardcore punk, State Poison decimates the listener from start to finish on this record,with intense drumming, dirty bass, and face slicing guitar lines paired with the aggressive vocals definitely had me sold when I checked them out live. The club’s sound quality wasn’t the best, so one couldn't absorb the full effect. So I decided to check them out on recording and was blown away. The thing I liked the most was the production.  A lot of punk praises the lo fi recording style,-which is alright for certain bands,- but I like the fact that State Poison recording is audible and still retains the dirty feel to it as well. The drums and bass lines definitely make for certain songs like “Tache Difficile” "Marecage de Mort" and "You’ve come to Die". The beginning section of the song “State Poison” is another standout moment for me- definitely a great mosh section. I like the guitar lines on this as well because the solos fit for the songs and aren’t over indulgent and complement the angry aggressive vocals of front man Brett (Von Dagger/Murder Suicide Pact). These guys are definitely a menace live and on recording. I recommend checking them out if they come to the states again.  You won’t be disappointed!!!!

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