Saturday, August 24, 2013

WhereAreYouLiam "Case of Liquid Melancholy" LP Review

WhereAreYouLiam “Case of Liquid Melancholy” LP

   Instrumental music can really hit a chord with someone depending on the sounds that are depicted and what the listener envisions while listening to the record. For me, the 2009 opus from Russian Post/Progressive Rockers WhereAreYouLiam (which is entitled “Case of Liquid Melancholy”) definitely spoke to me when I checked it out. Dabbling on the subject of addiction, mainly alcohol, the band paints an emotional roller coaster, with its effect laden guitar passages, tight rhythm section, and sparse out electronic sections. The band seems to take the listener into the scenario of someone dealing with the struggle of addiction and finding hope after the struggle is over. You can feel the hurt, anger, and sorrow that eventually lead to the happiness and resolution found at the end of the tunnel. Even though no vocals are present, it seems that the instruments alone say enough. The musicians in the band play tightly and definitely know what works for the compositions at hand. I recommend this piece to fans of Mogwai, Beyond the Dune Sea, Mohican, Jesu and Braveyoung.  This is definitely one of my favorite records at the present time.

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