Thursday, October 24, 2013

Merchandise "Total Nite" EP Review

Merchandise “Total Nite” EP

   Local Tampa Bay Post Punk/Dream Pop/Shoegaze band, Merchandise, have come a long way from their humble beginnings as a bedroom project that never even had the attention to play live in the early days. Founders Carson Cox (vocals/guitar) and David Vasseolitti (guitar) have not only expanded the lineup, (Patrick Brady (bass) and newly acquired drummer Elsner Nino), but have also managed to grow as musicians. If you want further proof, check out their latest EP “Total Nite”. While the band doesn’t stray from its signature post punk/noise pop roots, the material seems to tread into newer territory while not going overboard.  This can be heard on “Who Are You” and the title track, “Total Nite.” The first track features harmonica melded with the various noises created, and the latter which features saxophone.  Even though the band incorporates noise elements into the music, the elegance of the songs aren’t buried or lost in the mix. When I listened to this album, especially on “Anxiety’s Door” and “I’ll be Gone”, I definitely see Merchandise carrying on and not being afraid to expand even more on their current sound. 

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