Thursday, October 24, 2013

Michael Rice "Endless Tour" LP Review

Michael Rice “Endless Tour:” LP”

 I recently stumbled upon Michigan ambient artist, Michael Rice, and decided to check out some of his material. I was impressed by what I heard online and decided to check out his recently released LP, “Endless Tour”. The LP is riddled with cinematic ambient pieces, together with effect laden guitar passages and possible hints of synths that create surreal and dream like soundscapes.   Those sounds alone will take you away from reality with every listen. Michael Rice definitely knows how to hit a chord, especially on highlighted moments with tracks like “Ill Omen” , “Dab Tsog”, “Big Drift” and “Dark my Dreams have been of Late” Pt. 1 and 2. I can easily see this stuff being used in silent films or even movie soundtracks. I recommend this material to fans of Final, Braveyoung, Sunn o)) and Barn Owl.

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