Saturday, December 14, 2013

Infinite Structure "Pavement' EP Review

Infinite Structure “Pavement” EP

  Infinite Structure, another project creation from the bizarre and abstract mind of Jon Engman(Custodian/Kathogah/Urth/ex Foestopy/ ex Brodequin), brings forth a dark, atmospheric, and minimalist offering, with 5 untitled tracks on this EP. The dark atmospheres, laden with repetitive beats, give an apocalyptic feel that lays ground for the demise of man, or the brink of civilization being brought down to its knees. The saying less is more definitely works especially with this particular recording. I could see this being played behind a black and white horror film, apocalyptic film, or even a war film.  It could even represent someone coming to terms with reality,being trapped in their own insanity or figuring out the true meaning of life. I would recommend this for all power electronic, dark ambient, and experimental noise fans- also anyone big into Scorn would definitely enjoy this.To check out this and other stuff from Jon go to this link:

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