Saturday, December 14, 2013

Youth Ministry "2013 Demo" Review

Youth Ministry "2013 Demo"

  Jacksonville local drone/grunge group, Youth Ministry, unearthed a 4 song demo that mixes hypnotic melodies and heavy drones to create a meditative heavy release.  That description alone gives a great representation of the group. Formerly known as Remains- who I’ve reviewed in an earlier issue-, Youth Ministry takes a slightly different turn in sound, while Remains has more of an apocalyptic sound.  Youth Ministry seems to focus more on taking melody and catchy hooks and slowing them down; and still retaining the loud heavy aspect to not completely abandon their doom drone roots. I enjoyed all 4 of the tracks, but “Smoke” and “Always Moving” really caught my attention  I really hope that these guys make a full length or at least another EP!  If you’re a Jacksonville local definitely make sure to check them out when they play live.  You won’t be disappointed!!!  Recommend for fans of Earth,Sonic Youth and True Widow.

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