Saturday, December 14, 2013

Nov/Dec Issue Posted!!!!

So after all is said and done the year is coming to an end.We like to thank everyone who has supported us and checked out the reviews,poems and interviews we have posted!!! Masami unfortunately didn't participate this time around so all reviews and the poems are by yours truly!! So here is the last issue of 2013.

All Reviews and Poems by Joe:

The Gate "Vomit Dreams" LP Review

Tatsuya Nakatani "Present Presence: LP Review

Youth Ministry "2013 Demo" Review

Infinite Structure "Pavement" EP Review

Alaskan "The Weak and the Wounded" EP Review

3XA "Astrocytomic Oligodendrollioma” LP Review


Rites of Mutilation 

Erasing Memories

Enjoy everyone and see you in 2014!!! 

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