Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nihilist Commando"Noise Core Genocide " 2006 Demo Review

Nihilist Commando “Noise Core Genocide” 2006 Demo

  Mikko Aspa is the madman behind many different projects in the black metal, sludge/doom, power electronics, and grind scenes.  On top of being the head of Freak Animal Productions and partaking in the adult entertainment industry, Aspa decimates listeners with his noiscore project, Nihilist Commando. The 2006 demo entitled Noise Core Genocide is literally the best representation of what this release has to offer.  From start to finish, this album beats the listener into submission with its fast blasts, noise from guitars, bass, contact mics and who knows what else? The vocals-courtesy of Mikko-is a series of yells, grunts, and growls that puts the message of destruction clearly across. This is a must-have in any noisecore fan’s collection.  I would recommend this particular album to fans of old school Anal Cunt, Seven Minutes of Nausea, and noise era Insect Warfare. 

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