Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Gate "Vomit Dreams" LP Review

The Gate “Vomit Dreams” LP

   New York Experimental Jazz/Doom weirdo’s, The Gate, blend together an eccentric mix of improvised free jazz along with hints of doom madness.  I actually picked this up from the band’s bassist, Tom Blancarte, at a local show he was playing with his other group, The Home of Easy Credit. The band portrays a dark vibe, followed by free-for-all moments where the three players go off.  Something intriguing to me is how they still manage to keep it together and sound amazing. The band has a very primitive feel to it as well. Some moments on the record I could imagine myself in a jungle setting with natives going crazy over a fire while a tuba player, bassist and drummer are going off. I’m not too sure how well known these guys are, but if you haven’t heard them I definitely recommend giving them a listen!!

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