Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tatsuya Nakatani "Present Presence" LP Review

  Tatsuya Nakatani “Present Presence” LP

  Renowned experimental musician, Tatsuya Nakatni, is known for his many collaborations with various musicians in the experimental/jazz/ and world music scenes. I actually got the privilege to see him along with Jamison Williams and jazz legend, Eugene Chadbourne.  Together, they perform a live soundtrack to silent Japanese horror film which was definitely a great experience!!! I picked up his solo record at this performance and although his performances with other musicians are exceptionally great, his solo performance was even better. The album entitled “Present Presence” is a mixture of dark haunting chants and tones, along with Nakatni’s notorious experimental approach to percussion with the use of bows on cymbals and his tribal- sounding drumming. Haunting dark sounds almost make you feel like you’re in a dark forest with no idea of the horrors that lie within. Even though I enjoyed the record, I really like the vibes of Nakatani’s live performance.  This is where you really get the idea of what he’s trying to go for. If he comes to your area, definitely check him out, solo or collaboration!

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