Saturday, February 8, 2014

Black Hole of Calcutta "Self Titled" LP Review

Black Hole of Calcutta “Self Titled” LP

  I recently acquired this from a friend of mine at a local show. From the front cover art, I could tell this was going to be a crusty/punk/grind type record and band. I popped it in the CD player and took a listen. I was quite impressed from what I heard and did a little research, only to find out that this band still exists! Black Hole of Calcutta offers up 14 tracks of punk laden grind – I’d say a sound like Assuck, Dropdead, Disrupt and Destroy with hints of black metal and atmospheric sludge that can be similar to Downfall of Gai and IsIs. The recording was done very well, but I also like the fact that the record itself has that live feel to it, not in the form of a poor recording , but a raw energy that was successfully captured while recording in the studio. I enjoyed the messages of mankind’s self induced apocalypse through corporate influence, organized religion, fast food, and destruction of the environment. I really like what they had to offer and I hope they keep at it. Check em out @

*Couldn't find the original album art so posted this instead.

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