Saturday, February 8, 2014

Path to Death "Self Titled Demo 2014" Review

Path to Death “Self Titled Demo 2014”

 Tampa D-beat/Hardcore Punk act Path to Death recently recorded a nasty offering of noise/punk/ aggression, featuring members of other notable bands in the Tampa scene- Eating Machine, Von Dagger, Arablast, Blood Wave, and more.  The best part..?  No effects, no pro tools, no bullshit!   Just straight in your face, kick you in the teeth heaviness that seems to be lost in our current music scene. I’m not saying I hate things that have clear production, but recently, I’ve acquired a love for stuff that sounds like it was recorded with a microphone hanging in the room and everyone going off. The album’s feedback drive, raspy vocals, fast groovy drumming, and throat cutting riffs will be a favorite for fans of the Japanese/Swedish Noise Punk genres. In 9 minutes the band tears you apart and leaves you wondering what happened??

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