Saturday, April 12, 2014

Utica Crib "Subjacent" EP Review

Utica Crib "Subjacent" EP

The Utica Crib "Subjacent” EP is a phenomenal piece from none other than mastermind, Jon Engman (Custodian/Kathogah/Infinite Structure/Urth).  While most of Engman’s projects are on the far noisier side, Utica Crib takes a completely different direction that harbors more of an atmospheric vibe, while still retaining dark qualities.  The album’s 4 tracks give you a feeling of being a lost soul stuck in a dark room, unaware of the surroundings.  Judgment is based solely on instinct wandering aimlessly towards the light, with the possibility of being forever lost in darkness. Dark ambient fans will definitely enjoy this one; definitely hope to hear more from this project! 

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