Saturday, April 12, 2014

Halo "Body of Light" LP Review

Halo “Body of Light” LP

 Australian-based, noisy doom/industrial sludge two piece, Halo, manages to create a wall of apocalyptic sound that annihilates the listener from the get go. The band’s cryptic combination of nasty distorted bass, heavy electronics, hypnotic drumming, and aggressive vocal assault, sets the tone for this dark doom masterpiece. After listening to this album, it proves that fast and heavy isn’t always the way to go, but a lot of times slow and heavy can be way more punishing. The band’s message of corporate disease and humanity’s shallow existence make good bed fellows with the sonic violence that shakes the existence of man to its very core. I definitely recommend this album to fans of early Godflesh, early Swans and Human Quena Orchestra. 

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