Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Swans "Cop" LP Review

Swans “Cop” LP

   Since the early 80s noise rock purveyors, Swans, have been decimating listeners from the get go, still continuing to push the boundaries of experimental music to this day. I decided to go to the beginning in the early years with this particular album “Cop”. This album, I’d have to say, is seriously one of the heaviest things I’ve heard recently.  It puts you under a sort of “hypnosis,” with its crushing dual bass, heavy guitar, droning drums, and the signature voice of front man and mastermind, Michael Gira.  The songs, for the most part, are one or two riffs continually played at droning slow speeds, making way for the twisted lyrical assault of Gira. If you’re looking for hooks or traditional structured music, this release isn’t for you. Swans paved the wave for many bands, and it’s good to see they’re still kicking it today.

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