Monday, January 2, 2017

Jan 2017 Issue

Hello to all the readers, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that you guys all had a great holiday as well. I want to send positive vibes to all...

Now here is my first review of the new year. Positive vibes to all...

The Fartz "Because this world still fucking stinks" compilation

   Thanks to a post I saw, I recently discovered former Seattle punk/hardcore band "The Fartz.""The Fartz" were one of the first well known hardcore punk bands to emerge from the scene in the early 1980s. They would get label support through "Dead Kennedy's" front man Jello Biafra's label "Alternative Tentacles." I decided to tackle the anthology "Because this world still fucking stinks" since it basically showcased all  of the bands various 7 inches and eps in their short history. This also features appearances from all the members including "Acussed" vocalist Blaine Cook and "Guns and Roses" bassist Duff Mckagan. Dirty, raw, fast, and heavy music with politically charged lyrics tackling issues such as sexism, racism, and unjust political and religious ideals. The Fartz would make an impact in their short three year existence as a group. Catchy grooves, snotty bass lines, dirty sounding guitar, and  snotty vocals just makes everything about this release a great addition to any punk rock or hardcore fan's collection.The early stuff adopts to a more fast punk approach while later material still keeps the punk spirit. It trends on a bit more of a heavier and darker feel musically and vocally.  I love the raw emotion that I feel when I was listening to this collection. It reminded me of dirty basements reeking of the smell of beer and vomit while tons of punk rockers mosh to the chaos of the musical assault. I'm glad I got around to hearing about this band. I will definitely be jamming to this one for a bit!

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