Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nordvargr "Pyrrhula" LP Review

Nordvargr Pyrrhula LP:

Sweden’s Henrik Nordvargr Bijork (Mz412, Folkstorm, All Hail the Transcending Ghost) is the true purveyor of Dark Ambient, Power Electronics, Industrial and Noise, and on his 2008 release Pyrrhula he proves that light is nonexistent and darkness will prevail. The album itself thrives on the use of different effects and sounds that paint a picture of torment for the listener. I almost get the sense of someone whose psychotic behavior is transforming them into the beast that lies within. The song “Hascimh Reborn” almost sounds like someone being tortured in the depths of hell while a foul beast is surfacing from the hot undertone below. The haunting soundscapes on “Another Weeping Doomlord”, and “Pyrrhula” 1 and 2 leave you in a meditated state. The visual on this album which is the depiction of a dead bird on the front is the perfect example that life is challenged by death and underneath beauty there is always a beast. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has a taste for dark/ritual ambient.

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