Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bastard Deceiver "Demo 2012" Review

Bastard Deceiver “Demo 2012”(The cover art isn't the original art this is from the upcoming split release.I  decided to put this up,because there was no art for the 2012 demo)

  I heard about Bastard Deceiver at the end of last year while I believe it was in its early stages of formation. I know the band is the side project of Cellgraft guitarist Ryan Zell and I also know that the project was intended to be more of a d-beat/ hardcore punk side project. Even though the band goes under these tags, I still hear a lot of grindcore influence on this album via old school Napalm Death and Assuck with a touch of d-beat ala Disclose and Framtid. The band, (being a young and upcoming band) do know how to hold their own, but still have a few things to work on in my opinion. The vocals on the album which are harsh, raspy yells, seem to sound forced at certain points on the album and also lack variation. I think if she threw in a growl or a different type of vocal here and there it would add more intensity to the music. The drums and the guitars on the album were pretty on point for me. I think the drummer actually does a really great job with keeping the simplistic punk essence, but adds a bit of fancy fills and blasts were its deemed necessary. Even though the album had flaws (which were few) I do see this band growing and becoming a very intense unit. Keep an eye on them in the live circuit!

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