Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tribes of Neurot "Adaptation and Survival" The Insect Project LP Review

Tribes of Neurot “Adaptation and Survival” The Insect Project LP


  Tribes of Neurot, the ambient/noise/experimental alter ego of post metal/atmospheric sludge legends Neurosis, go even farther on the atmospheric end of the spectrum compared to Neurosis.  “Adaptation and Survival” The Insect Project was a recording that featured nothing but insect sounds and various electronics, guitars, bass, synth, and drums.  The only thing I can say about this album is they did a damn good job at piecing it all together. The mystery that surrounds the band too also intrigued me a bit. The band apparently has various members of Neurosis but also various collaborators that make appearances on this album as well as other albums.  The sounds all seem to connect to each other to make one piece. The pure genius of combining field recordings of insects with ambience adds a more haunting approach to the recording.  You become lost in a trance, while the various sounds and samples the band produces lock you in where you can’t escape. I recommend checking out some of their other material.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed and I haven't experienced one their live sets but from the videos I've seen it definitely seems to be quite an experience!!!

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