Saturday, April 12, 2014

Aethenor "En Form For Bla" LP Review

Aeathanor “En Form For Bla” LP

 This international super group, which features members of Ulver and Sunn O))), came together, along with percussionist, Stephen Noble, to create a dark, jazzy, dreamy masterpiece in the form of “En Form For Bla”. I will say the addition of the percussion definitely helps this album.  The drums help to add an extra piece to these abstract, improvised compositions. While the album is broken up into different songs, it appears more to me that this masterpiece is actually just one whole song broken off into separate pieces that correlate with each other. The synth and guitar passages along with the free jazz drumming and electronics makes for a great experimental piece!! I’d definitely recommend this to all experimental enthusiasts!! 

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